Start today with your friends listen to your favorite music together on your Discord

RyMusic is YOUR music bot. You want crystal clear music in top music quality on your Discord server? Then only RyMusic is needed and the next party can start!

With our unique cloud system, we always manage to guarantee our accessibility from our bot in order not to deprive our users of the 24/7 music experience. What are you waiting for? test it yourself and feel free to contact us at support discord for questions and problems.


play => Play's the song of your choice! [Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitch]
pause => Pause the music.
resume => Resume the music if it was stopped or paused.
stop => Stops the song and the que.
seek => Skips the song to a time of your choice.
loop => Repeats the song.
shuffle => Mix the songs in the queue.
skip => Skip's the current song.
skipto => Skip's to a song.
nowplaying => Show's the current song that is playing.
clearqueue => Delet's the song that are in the que.
lyrics => Show's the lyrics of the current song.
volume => Change's the volume.
autoplay => Play's random songs.
join => Let's the bot join into your channel.
leave => Let's the bot leave from your channel.
toggledj => Enable the DJ function